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Our Mission

We exist to inspire women who give-a-care that an ethically conscious lifestyle not only does good but can look good too.

Our Vision

A world where ‘giving a care’ about people, planet, philanthropy and customer passion is the norm so we can finally rest and move on with our lives ;)

Our Story

We are a brand and a boutique. We curate ethically made stylish accessories and thoughtfully design our own as well.  We are like a fair-trade shop but the fun, cooler, younger sister version of one. Just saying. 

We aren’t the first ones to do things like fair trade, ethical shopping and purchase with purpose, but we want to widen the sphere of influence of conscious shoppers. We do this by serving the women-who-give-a-care about people and the planet but don’t want to compromise quality, style and personality.  To those women, we are here, and we got you, friend.

Our Impact

We strive to make a positive impact globally, nationally and locally through our patent pending 5Gs (not to be confused with 5 grand or the phone network). Here is a taste of our impact;

GIVE Ethical Work: We only curate and create products that are ethically made. No sweat shops or child labor. Never. (Why do we even need to say that?! For reals.) 

GIVE Opportunity: We also partner with social enterprises who employ and source from artisans from marginalized communities. 

GIVE Green: We curate and make goods that are upcycled or made from as much eco conscious materials as possible. Our shipping materials are proudly made in the USA and we’ve partnered with Charity Charge and give 1% of our everyday expenses to 1% for the Planet. We are trying to stay #woke on this and we are not perfect, but we continue to strive in reaching our goals of being as carbon neutral as possible.

GIVE Back: Each season we select a nonprofit giving partner. With every purchase from our boutique, a portion of the proceeds will be donated. More about our impact here.

All #forthosewhoGIVEacare: And we do all this for our Madison Grace customers! YOU (ya I’m talking to you) are why we do what we do. Everything is intentionally chosen or thoughtfully designed made for the Madison Grace gal with quality and style in mind. 

Our Name

A Madison Grace woman is our customers! She's the “it girl” who gives a care. She 's that one friend who always seems to be effortlessly chic and “in the know”. She believes that eco + ethical can also be stylish + elevated. Yes, she likes to be casual but chic and knows when to go lux but accessible. She loves fresh design and is not afraid to change it up but is always classy. She’s smart, fun and of course caring. She is a modern joyous woman humbly slaying it. If that wasn’t enough for you, see our Founder note below for more behind our name.

Our Founder

Oh hey, friend! If you’ve made it to the end of this long winded page, you’re my kinda curious people (cue fist bump here).  In all seriousness, I’m humbled and excited you are here.  Though we like to have fun at Madison Grace HG, it’s not and wasn’t all sunshine and sunflowers. Madison Grace is also the name of the daughter my husband Doug and I never met. After 3 failed in-vitros we lost something we never even had. A feeling that women experiencing infertility can relate to. If you’re one of them, I see you. But with God’s grace, my family and I are restored and redeemed.

Themes that are born from faith but also parallel this ethical lifestyle industry- restoring a broken system, redeeming communities and bringing hope to a dark place.  So, I wanted to honor that part of my life where grace and hope was most needed with the birth of this new chapter of my life where I can reciprocate what I was given- grace.  When I’m not doing Madison Grace stuff, you can find me traveling with my husband Doug, hanging with my English Bulldog Peaches, or at a baseball field cheering my bonus son Kenneth on. As a wannabe foodie at heart, I’m usually trying to figure out what to eat next al fresco style. 

Thanks for being here. Cheers to those who-give-a-care, Claire Pettibone Founder + Creative Director